Oil Painting Crashcourse

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Oil paints are very very versatile which is probably one of the reasons the grand masters loved them. As a painter you can set out on your journey to your own masterpiece by choosing to use thick buttery oil paints or you can thin it down to a more liquid consistency – more like what you would be used to using water paints.

As a consequence of this versatility with the paint medium it allows you a world of choice when it comes to techniques as there are many and they are wide ranging in application. First we start by drawing out our composition on our canvas with either vine charcoal or water soluble pencils. Vine Charcoal is the absolute win because you can rub it out and also its less smudgy when working with it than other types of coal.

Water soluble pencils are also amazeballs because you can draw like you are three again and then take a watery brush, dampen and spread the colour around, ending up with a masterpiece! Once you’ve got the bones  of your composition sketched out (and possibly lightly coloured in for guiding purposes with acrylic paint) you can begin lashing the oil paint around the place. Don’t be shy! With this method you can spend as much time as you like with your painting because one of the other major benefits to oil painting is that you paint in layers. This is time consuming because you need to wait until each layer is dry before painting the next one.

If that all sounds like a slow boat load of tosh well you can of course always attempt the Alla Prima technique for the creation of fast awesome wall art. This technique is basically where you paint it all in one go. Van Gogh was a fan of this technique which is why he was so prolific and also as an artist trying to sell your work this is a better approach because you can pump the shizzle out and gallery-ify somewhere with your work pronto. Also obviously the more you produce the more you have to sell.

There are many many more oil painting styles, tactics, tips and techniques out there…you should check them out if the above has in any way floated your boat.

5 things to consider before choosing a web design agency

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Websites play a critical role in enhancing the connection between a business and its customers. Businesses that have well designed websites are able to attract, built rapport and convert more customers than those with poorly designed websites. In addition, a well SEO’d website will increase your on-line visibility and more and more internet users will chose your website as opposed to that of your competitors. If you want people to always find and come back to your website, then you will have to choose the right website designer. Here are a few tips on how to find the best website design agency:

Establish Your Goals

Before you embark on choosing your web design agency, take time to understand what your website goals are. Do you want to sell your products, promote your business, educate your customers o have a combination of things? Who are your target audience? Determine how the website will fit into the large marketing positions. A good company will help you decide the best layout, page arrangements and other features that match your goals.

Services and Portfolio

Each design agency has a work portfolio that contains information about the quality of their services, professionals and how much experience the company has. Compare your potential web design firms portfolios and choose the best out of them. Keep in mind that a good website designer should provide professional services that bring out quality web development.


Understand Their Working Process

Look for a company that offers you a thorough working process. A good company should give a specific time when they will have the project completed. Try to look for an agency that will spend most of its plenty time trying to realize your website goals. Find out whether they carry out detailed analysis in order to come up with the design and architecture that makes your website attractive to your target audience.

Find out the Company’s Reputation

Another major factor you need to consider is the standards of that particular company. Good companies will always provide you with a list of client’s t hey have served. Take time to find out how clients rate the services. You can do this by reading the feedback and reviews from these clients. A good web designing company must have a strong reputation in designing techniques that provides outstanding result. Choosing a company with a good reputation allows to have a guarantees of quality services.

Check out Local Business Directories

This can be a great starting place as well as Google Local Places. Its better for most people with general requirements to choose a web developer that is geographically close to them so that they can meet and chat over what they want from the project. However sometimes you will need a web design agency that is strong on a particular CMS or related discipline. In that case you should check out WebDesignCompanyFinder.com .

Why Hire a Professional Web Developer

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You have set up a business that you want to get on-line, but its expensive so its natural to think that you want to do it your self to save a few bucks. So you end up spending hours, and even days and weeks on the internet to learn some do-it-yourself website tricks and find a decent hosting company, who will let you host the website for a nominal cost. However this mindset might just be the primary cause of your financial downfall.

One of the main mistakes that many entrepreneurs make, is to try and attempt to make websites for their companies, just to save cash. Not sticking to what you already do best is perhaps the biggest mistake anyone can make in business, because not hiring a professional web design company to develop your website may cause it to be lost in the oblivion created by the noise of all the millions and millions of websites already on the Internet.

Why Hire a Professional Web Developer

The main reason why you would want to hire a professional web design company to build your website is because a professional web developer will create a professional end product. If you wouldn’t trust a D.I.Y. enthusiast to build your house for you its probably because you know they would not do a professional, solid job.

Other reasons to hire a pro include:

They know how to make the website more appealing to the public and more specifically your target market.

Search Engine Optimization nowadays is absolutely critical at a basic level and one of the main reasons you should go for a professional is to make sure this is looked after. Otherwise your website will not be found by potentially interested future clients. Without SEO even a direct search of your company’s name may end up not finding your company at all, because it is ignored by the search engine completely.

Updates and security are two other huge reasons to seek out professional assistance in bringing your website to life. Without maintaining your website properly there is a high probability of it becoming out of date and as a result security holes may open up that let hackers in. As is the case with a virus on your computer, if hackers get in to your website and compromise it, it can be a really big pain to get them out and get your site back up and running with all the security holes fixed. It can also be hugely costly.

No matter what be your reason for concern, it is always a better option to choose a professional web development firm to give you that much needed edge in the virtual world.

The right web design company for your business

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Finding a great web design company for your business is not an easy task. Web design companies come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are small and offer a great end product and price. These types of companies are usually sole proprietor type businesses where the owner of the business works for a lifestyle, freelance on projects if and when it suits him or her. The trade off here is that while you can get good work created, you can regularly get not great work created if your developer is just new to the business and still finding their way.

The primary benefit of using a sole trader/freelancer is that you will typically get very low priced, aggressive quotes for the business because the freelancer has very little by way of overheads. So if price is the only consideration for you, then I would definitely recommend checking out a freelancer.

On the other hand if getting the best advice possible before making important decisions is important to you then the likelihood is that a freelancer won’t be your best port of call. This is more pertinent to the medium sized business who typically appreciates the incredible value of great advice. These types of businesses also usually more focused on results and ROI than is typical for small businesses where the price number rules the roost. These bigger web design agencies or web design firms, often also offer professional services such as SEO, Google Apps setup, hosting, support & maintenance and various other digital marketing services.

One such example of an agency that offers a very broad range of services around “digital” is Lime Canvas: http://www.limecanvas.com.

The other main benefit of using an established web design company is that there is a much greater likelihood of that company still being around when it comes time to refresh your website design or content.

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How to find a great web design company

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Trying to figure out who you should hire to get your companies next web site designed and built can be a daunting task. There are a lot of options available and what all the sales guys from the web design agencies all say sounds the same. How then to differentiate? How can you tell web expert from web phoney? How do you avoid all the hassle that goes along with making a bad decision on this down the road?

Well that is what we are going to discuss in detail on the posts on this blog.

I have bought countless websites before I moved into the world of selling web design services and eventually left that to start building and flipping sites so I feel that I know what I’m talking about in this area and can hopefully share some of the wisdom I’ve picked up along my travels during the last 15 years of working in the IT and internet sector.

The single biggest piece of advice I can give you about finding a great web design company is to take your time. Yes, I know you don’t like spending time looking probably because you are trying to compare the options without any real understanding of how valuable each option is, but that’s okay. Stick with our articles here and help will be to hand. In each of the following articles I will be delving into what makes for a good web design company choice.

For today, I’d recommend you think long and hard about what you can afford and also, really think about what you hope to achieve from your new website.